If you are looking for the real trail, not the pretend one, travel along with us.

Much of the “craft” whiskey we sip is made at a giant whiskey factory in Indiana. Ours is to be made right here, on the Moonshine Trail.


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Whistle Stop No. 1:
Wildcat Willy's Distillery™

We’ve gotten it done. The Planning and Zoning Commission granted us our conditional use permit for the distillery, and the Winchester City Commission voted to sell us the building.


Now, the work begins. We have to order the right still, restore the building, and set up shop. This is connected to activity here on the farm.

Wildcat Willy's Distillery

Whistle Stop No. 2:
Mt. Folly Farm

We have enough of the 2016 crop of non-gmo corn and organic corn stored to start distilling, plus we’ve stored some small grains for our whiskey as well.

Organic corn,
Mt. Folly Farm

Cabin circa 1790,
Mt. Folly Farm

As we make our plans for spring planting, we are remodeling the log house, built around 1790, which will be one of the centerpiece attractions for the Moonshine Trail.

We plan to continue giving tours of the farm in 2017, with the log house our headquarters. We want to show people what it takes to grow specialty corn, mill the corn to make it ready for the distillery, make moonshine, and age some of the whiskey for sipping later.

Bill "Wildcat Willy" Kingsbury,
Mt. Folly Farm

Contact Us

Would you like to find out more, tour the farm, or give us some advice as we put up our distillery? Call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wildcat Willy and Ben Pasely

Bill "Wildcat Willy" Kingsbury


Ben Pasley


Laura Freeman


Mt. Folly Farm
3043 Schollsville Road
Winchester, KY 40391

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